Apex Legends Leaks Possibly Tease New ‘District’ Map

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Apex Legends Leaks Possibly Tease New ‘District’ Map

In a new post on X, longtime reliable leaker HYPERMYST teased images of a potential new map for Apex Legends called “District,” also courtesy of leaker Osvaldatore.

The images showcase a circular, neon area full of amusement rides and similar attractions along a coastline. HYPERMYST claims the images reveal “every major POI” from the leaked map.

They also say District is “expected to be released in Season 22.” There are over a dozen detailed images for fans to break down.

Initial fan responses are fairly positive for the “District” map, and new content is always welcome in the game. However, it’s unclear if District will help smooth over interest in Apex Legends, should the map ultimately release in Season 22.

EA faced a lot of fan backlash after announcing massive changes to the Battle Pass system for Season 22. That includes breaking the Battle Pass into two separate purchases, one for each seasonal split.

It will also remove the Apex Coins pricing option, so fans can only buy Battle Passes with real-world currency.

The current season saw the return of Solos, and also introduced the new legend Alter. There was also a recent Double Take Collection Event.

At this time, EA did not officially confirm anything about the District map, nor its potential release window for Season 22.

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