Arrowhead’s Helldivers 2 Hotfix has Done Exactly What You’re All Thinking, as A New Weapon is Now Broken

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Arrowhead’s Helldivers 2 Hotfix has Done Exactly What You’re All Thinking, as A New Weapon is Now Broken

Helldivers 2, the co-op shooter title is one of the most popular titles released this year. The game has been loved by fans but it has been plagued with multiple issues lately that have marred the gaming experience of players.

Arrowhead Game Studios has been hard at work to fix these issue with patch updates and hotfixes. The developer has now brought another hotfix in Helldivers 2 but instead of fixing things, it has now broken a new weapon.

Helldivers 2 Hotfix Breaks a New Weapon

Helldivers 2 in-game screenshot
Helldivers 2 hotfix breaks a new weapon with the latest hotfix. Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

There have been a lot of issues in Helldivers 2 for the past few months. The game has suffered because of this as players have quit playing the game until the issues were fixed, driving down the player numbers, and many have thought that the game has nothing new and unique to offer.

The patch updates from the developer have failed as they have broken more than fixing and the same has happened again with the latest patch. The patch 1.000.405 update was dropped to fix another issue but has now broken a new weapon.

byu/Waelder from discussion

As per the players, the patch has broken the new Mortar upgrade. Due to this, they are no longer able to target pinged enemies. The player who reported said that they have tested it and it is not redirecting the fire after locking the targets.

byu/Waelder from discussion

This has disappointed fans as the game has had something broken almost always these past couple of months. The Mortar upgrade was popular but with this update’s issue, many might not be able to use it as intended. Some can’t believe that the developer is not able to fix things without breaking anything.

There Are Still Plenty of Issues in the Game

Helldivers 2 screenshot
The Mortal upgrade is the latest victim of the patch. Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

The latest Helldivers 2 patch has addressed and fixed the issue which caused players to be stuck in the infinite drop-in on the pod and they were not able to start missions. Despite this update, some players have said that they still have faced this issue.

While one issue has been fixed, there are still many problems in the game. Arrowhead Game Studios has shared a long list of known issues in the game that are currently under work.

This include players unable to join or invited to a game, deployed mines being invisible, bile titans do not take damage to the head, raise flag of Super Earth objective doesn’t show progress bar, and many.

What are your thoughts as Helldivers 2 patch breaks new weapon? Let us know in the comments!

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