Chris Christie, Republican Presidential Candidate, on the Issues

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On the Issues
Headshot of Chris Christie

Chris Christie

Former Governor of New Jersey

He opposes a national ban unless the states reach a “consensus.”

Former Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey has said he wouldn’t sign a federal abortion ban unless he saw a “consensus” at the state level.

He supports action on climate change with some caveats.

When you have over 90 percent of the world’s scientists who have studied this stating that climate change is occurring and that humans play a contributing role, it’s time to defer to the experts.”

He is one of only two candidates to have visited Ukraine, and he supports military aid.

Former Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey — who visited Ukraine in August, becoming only the second Republican candidate to do so, after Mr. Pence — has said that the United States should continue to support Ukraine until the war is “resolved.”

He mostly toes the G.O.P. line, but is also critical of Trump on the issue.

Former Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey has proposed sending the National Guard to the border to stop illegal crossings and intercept fentanyl (though fentanyl mostly comes into the U.S. through official ports of entry, hidden in legitimate commerce).

He is a leading voice among the field in condemning Trump.

With former Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey building his campaign around his willingness to criticize Mr. Trump, the indictments have been obvious fodder for him.

He has outlined negotiating tactics to pressure China to make concessions.

For your children and my grandchildren, are they going to live in a world where China is setting the tone for this world, a communist dictatorship?”

He has called for reducing spending and regulations, but hasn’t given many specifics.

Like most Republicans, former Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey blames Democratic spending for the high, though now declining, inflation rates of the past couple of years.

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