College Football 25 Road To Glory Details Released

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College Football 25 Road To Glory Details Released

With the game’s release just days away, EA Sports has released its deep dive into the Road to Glory mode in College Football 25.

As in the past, players can create a college athlete of their own and rise up the ranks to become a college football legend. In College Football 25, you must manage everything from your on-field performance to your off-field academics.

While there’s a lot in the mode, there are a few important details everyone should know:

  • You can play as a QB, RB, WR, LB, or CB
  • You select whether to start as a 5-, 4-, 3-, or 2-star recruit; there is no high school section of the mode
  • Getting college offers comes from an interview where you answer a series of questions based on your needs and desires for your decision
  • Position battles return to fight for your spot on the depth chart
  • You have to keep your GPA up to be eligible to play
  • Practice and drills help you improve your player; there are skill and team minigames to play
  • You can export your player to Madden 25 for use in Superstar Mode

For the full breakdown of what to expect from Road to Glory in College Football 25, check out EA Sports’ deep dive blog.

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