Cooking Fever to shoot for a Guinness World Record as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations

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Cooking Fever to shoot for a Guinness World Record as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations

  • Cooking Fever’s 10th anniversary is set to hit in September of this year
  • As part of the celebrations, Nordcurrent’s real-life festivities will include a Guinness World Record attempt
  • This will be for the most burgers constructed in under a minute

The Diner Dash-style genre is vibrant and popular, and it’s also what boosted developer Nordcurrent to chart-toppers with their own take on the formula in their super-successful entry, Cooking Fever. Having gone from strength to strength, the game that put Nordcurrent on the map is also approaching a major milestone, and not just in age.

As part of the 10th-anniversary celebrations for Cooking Fever, set to take place in September, Nordcurrent will also be shooting for a world record. But this isn’t for anything directly related to Cooking Fever like player count or spending or anything like that.

No, instead Nordcurrent will be hosting a real-life recreation of Cooking Fever, with the goal of breaking the all-time Guinness World Record for assembling the most burgers in one minute. The current title has been held by George Butler of the United Kingdom since 2021, who assembled eight burgers in under sixty seconds and was matched by Iris Cazarez of Mexico in 2024.



While Nordcurrent mentioned this in passing, in between a lot of business chatter about hiring and whatnot, we felt it too good to pass this information by. As far as ways to mark their anniversary it’s certainly unique and fits Cooking Fever and its culinary focus.

We’re curious to know just who will compete, and whether multiple attempts will take place of course, but wish them the best of luck in their attempt all the same.

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