Don’t love your smile? You can change it!

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Don’t love your smile? You can change it!

Photo courtesy of Hales Aesthetic – Dr. Tyler Hales

May 13, 2024, through June 13, 2024, is National Smile Month, making it an ideal time to put smiles in the spotlight. They play an essential role in the lives of humans, but many people refrain from doing it often because they don’t like how it looks. The good news is that nobody is stuck having a smile they don’t like because there are some great ways to change it today, giving people the ability to turn their frown upside down and get all the benefits of having a smile they love.

“Smiles are an important communication tool in our society,” explains Dr. Tyler Hales, a celebrity dentist who founded Hales Aesthetic in Orange County, Calif. “We must love our smile to feel better about showing it to people. Someone’s smile significantly influences how we and others view our appearance, impacting our personality and behaviors.”

Smiling is an important facial expression that conveys happiness. It also communicates things to people, such as trustworthiness, politeness, and good intentions. When someone doesn’t like their smile, however, they may not want to show it to others, which leaves them falling short in conveying all these messages. Smiles are also better for our health, helping to reduce stress and make us feel happier.

Research published in The Angle Orthodontist reports that tooth size, visibility, and upper lip positions are critical factors in self-perception of smile attractiveness. They also report that tooth visibility and position are correlated with dominance. The study was done to see if how someone feels about their smile attractiveness influences their personality. 

Aubrey can confirm that how one feels about one’s teeth influences one’s personality. She had a birth defect that made her teeth not fully form. Due to this, she looked like an adult with some baby teeth or teeth that looked chipped because they were shorter than they should be. She was always self-conscious about her teeth, not wanting others to see them. 

“I didn’t want people to see my teeth because they would ask me if I chipped them,” explains Aubrey. “It was embarrassing, and over time, I learned to stop showing my teeth as much, which meant not smiling or laughing around others.”

Being held back socially and mentally, she decided to visit with Dr. Hales to see what could be done. Specializing in veneers and helping people love their smiles, he gave her a smile she loves, which looks completely natural. Her smile has made her more confident and quicker to converse with people, providing benefits in her personal and professional life.

“The results of Dr. Hales’s work are amazing,” said Aubrey. “I show my teeth off to everyone now. My teeth are perfect and beautiful and have given me so much confidence. I love it!”

Scientists confirm that smiles make a difference in one’s life. Research published in the February 2021 journal Scientific Reports finds that smiling increases socially perceived attractiveness and signals trustworthiness and intelligence. They found that objective characteristics of a smile influence self-perception of smile attractiveness. In other words, people who smile bigger feel more confident about their attractiveness, which makes them more confident.

Dr. Hales specializes in Harmony Veneers, which he offers exclusively. Patients from around the world visit him so they can love their smile. Harmony Veneers provides a natural look, each hand-crafted and unique, with an ultra-modern design, and they are uniquely customized for each person. The veneers offer natural characteristics and last 20-30 years. They also require only a minimal prep to ensure a perfect fit. Dr. Hales has helped numerous celebrities with smiles, including Jax Taylor, Slade Smiley, Madison LeCroy, Faye Resnick, Tim Storey and Peggy Tanous. He offers the “Hales Reel Smile” process, allowing people to see the finished product’s appearance during the free consultation.

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Dr. Hales has partnered with Dr. Terry Dubrow to offer consultations at the renowned plastic surgeon’s office in Newport Beach. While his practice remains in Ladera Ranch, Orange County, he is offering consultations from Dr. Dubrow’s office on Wednesdays, located at 1617 Westcliff Drive, Suite 207, in Newport Beach, California.

Providing a full range of dental services, Hales Aesthetic offers veneers, teeth cleaning and whitening, implants, cosmetic dentistry, same-day crowns, fillings, root canals, laser dentistry, dentures, TMJ treatment, wisdom teeth removal, sedation dentistry, Invisalign, emergency dentistry, bridges, and more. To get more information or submit a photo for a free virtual smile consultation during National Smile Month, visit the site at:

Photo courtesy of Hales Aesthetic

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