Even 7 Days to Die 1.0 Isn’t Enough for Some Fans, and It’s Easy to See Why

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Even 7 Days to Die 1.0 Isn’t Enough for Some Fans, and It’s Easy to See Why

After more than 13 years of early access, The Fun Pimps are finally set to release version 1.0 of 7 Days to Die. Many PC players can already access it, at least in an experimental mode. According to numerous regular players, not all the changes made in this new version are beneficial decisions. 

Some players say the game works much better, but still feel that something is missing. Apparently, various particular users have also expressed dissatisfaction with the appearance of various enemies, citing a lack of coherence at certain moments.

The Anticipated Version 1.0 of 7 Days to Die Is Nearly Here

An street infested with zombies.
Some players of 7 Days to Die are not loving the 1.0 version of the game. Image via The Fun Pimps.

With just a few days left until version 1.0 of 7 Days to Die is available on almost all platforms, the game anticipates various changes to the overall gameplay.

This survival title is exiting early access with several changes in the development of certain weapons and skills. While the community expresses satisfaction with these changes, some players maintain that additional adjustments are necessary.

In a Reddit discussion, a user mentioned they are still not completely satisfied with version 1.0. According to their words, they think the title still requires something more to be complete.

byu/Christmasler from discussion

Some players think that this version still requires adjustments.

byu/Christmasler from discussion

The community have some suggestions.

byu/Christmasler from discussion

Many players responded to this post, saying that one of the main concerns they noted is the way different enemies appear out of nowhere in the game. These users requested that the studio address this issue.

By the End of This Month, All Platforms Will Be Able to Enjoy This Version of the Game

Looting a store.
The community is getting used to the new changes. Image via The Fun Pimps.

The same user also added that 7 Days to Die works much better than in its early access version, presenting fewer bugs and performance issues that came with the alpha.

Other users made it very clear that enemies literally spawn in front of them in any given room, causing instant death. The next update is likely to address this recurring issue that makes no sense, especially for veteran players.

Despite being an extremely popular game with millions of copies sold, it seems the studio still needs to make certain adjustments regarding some bugs in this version of the game.

Beyond this, it seems players are quite excited to continue testing the changes and see everything the title will add in the future. For now, the studio has not announced anything more regarding content outside of version 1.0.

Many fans of 7 Days to Die hope the title will release an updated version with graphics that match current times, specifically on next-gen consoles.

This type of change is quite complicated, as adopting an entire title for a new graphics engine and making it functional for its active community is a demanding job. The studio has not given any indication that they are working on this particular graphic upgrade.

What are your thoughts on this new version of the game? Let us know in the comments!

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