Helldivers 2 Brand New Automaton Unit is Star Wars AT-AT on Steroids

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Helldivers 2 Brand New Automaton Unit is Star Wars AT-AT on Steroids

The chaos at Malevelon Creek reaches new heights as Automatons have a new toy: Factory Strider. The massive machine walkers were added to the game in a balance patch that also increased the level cap. Physically, their resemblance to Star Wars AT-AT walkers is quite apparent. Furthermore, it has been reported that these Factory Striders can release Devastator bots to kill you in case you were not annihilated by Factory Strider’s lasers.

Helldivers 2 is a great example of a successful live service game.
Helldivers 2

Gamers are obviously having a hard time digesting what is going on in Malevelon Creek. To make things worse, these Factory Striders are extremely hard to take down. Helldivers 2‘s 01.000.200 patch adds new Planetary Hazards, increases the level cap from 50 to 150, and makes some balance changes.

Helldivers 2 players are getting annihilated by the new Factory Strider

Automaton army in Helldivers 2
Automaton army in Helldivers 2

The battle between Super Earth and Automaton forces just got a lot harder as Automatons have deployed new machine walkers that are very similar to Star Wars All Terrain Armored Transport walkers. As per GamesRadar, these Factory Striders started appearing after the latest update 01.000.200. Automaton’s latest Factory Striders have left gamers fighting hard on the battlefield and they have expressed their concerns on social media,

The Helldivers 2 community is currently working hard to find these Factory Striders’ weak spots, but the new gunships have been making things tough on the battlefield. To make things worse, Factory Striders can also release Devastator bots.

Helldivers 2‘s latest updates increased the level cap

Helldivers 2. Credit: Arrowhead Games Studios
Helldivers 2. Credit: Arrowhead Games Studios

As per Polygon, some major changes were made in the latest patch, 01.000.200, for Helldivers 2. With this update, Arrowhead has raised the level cap from 50 to 150 and added blizzards and sandstorms to the list of planetary hazards. This update has also made some balance changes: Retrieve Essential Personnel missions have been made easier; Destroy Command Bunkers missions have been made harder; operation modifiers that increase cooldowns have been halved in effect; and the heavy and medium armor is now more effective.

Some weapon balance changes have also been made: the damage has been increased for the Anti-Materiel Rifle, Breaker Incendiary, and Dominator, while the Slugger has been nerfed. Some enemy weapons have been nerfed too: the Charger, Bile Spewer, and Nursing Spewer, but unfortunately, the Bile Titan is now immune to stuns.







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