How to make money fast in Content Warning

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How to make money fast in Content Warning

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The most important part of the plan in Content Warning is the last step: making money! Why else would you risk your life going into the Old World trying to film the scariest and most deadly monsters imaginable if you weren’t going to get rich doing it? Just like in real life, making money on SpookTube isn’t easy. You need to produce the best possible videos to start to build up your following and make a decent income. That money is crucial for investing in all the different items that can boost your production quality, thus leading to more views and more money in your pocket. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes things that can help you earn more cash, so try out these tricks and tips to create the next viral video.

 Best ways to make money in Content Warning

Views equal money in Content Warning, so your ultimate objective is to make the most engaging video possible. A good goal for your videos should be around $100, but getting over $200 is possible by doing everything right and using some better items.

Don’t leave the camera behind!

Our top tip has to be that you get the footage you worked so hard to capture back to the surface. It doesn’t matter how good a video you made if you can’t upload it, so protect that camera with your life and upload your video as soon as you escape.

Record an intro

Give your viewers a nice build-up to the spooky stuff by recording a little intro of yourself (and friends) before you descend into the Old World.

Capture everything spooky on film

You obviously know that filming monsters will get tons of views, but that’s not all you should be looking to record. Stuff like bones, skeletons, and creepy objects around the environment also rack up viewers. If your teammate is getting attacked, take advantage and record it! Even filming their dead body will draw tons of eyes.

Improve your battery life

Besides air, your camera’s battery will be a huge limiting factor on how much money you can make in a single dive. Look to upgrade this as fast as possible.

Always be emoting

Emotes are a cheap and easy way to increase views whenever a character is on screen. The more you and your friends pull off some cool moves, the more people will want to watch you get ripped apart.

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