Prison Architect 2 Gets Last Minute Delay To September

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Prison Architect 2 Gets Last Minute Delay To September

The jail simulator game, Prison Architect 2, has been delayed once again. It was initially due out in March, then delayed to May. Now, it’s coming out on September 3.

Despite being less than a month away from release, publisher Paradox Interactive has revealed that Prison Architect 2 has been running into problems. “Recently, we ran some stability tests on our latest version of the game and noticed unexpected issues occurring too often, especially on low specs configurations,” Paradox Interactive explained in a statement to Eurogamer.

“Once we identified the issue, we started working on improving Prison Architect 2’s memory usage to mitigate the situation. Overall, the work has been successful, and we have seen improvements on lower-spec machines and consoles.”

The publisher went on to say that the memory fix gave way to new issues, such as crashes, especially on other PC configurations. Remedying them took time away from polishing the game up for release. While there is a certified version of the game on all platforms ready for launch, the publisher wants to launch it in the best state possible, hence the lengthy delay. It believes the new memory usage system will significantly improve player experience in the long run.

Paradox Interactive also issued a statement this week about another game it published, City Skylines II, addressing the game’s rough state and rushed content plans.

The first Prison Architect game was released in 2015. In GameSpot’s Prison Architect review, we said, “That’s the strange duality of Prison Architect. It provides a gripping, God’s-eye view of an element of society the Sims and Sim Cities of the gaming world dare not touch, but it is so beholden to the idea of being ‘a game’ that it threatens to neutralize the considerable number of strong, lasting aspects it possesses.”

Prison Architect 2 will launch on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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