GTA 6 Easter Egg Was Included in the Hated GTA 3 Definitive Edition, and We Missed It

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GTA 6 Easter Egg Was Included in the Hated GTA 3 Definitive Edition, and We Missed It

GTA 6 is set to be released around the fall of next year and the gaming community is more than ready to explore the State of Leonida. The game has been worked on for years, and the developers got creative with advertising it within the ports of older projects.

Remasters and enhanced editions are all the rage and Rockstar Games did not hesitate to jump on the hype train. Unfortunately, the developers have encountered a few roadblocks in their recent venture to remaster classic Grand Theft Auto games, but these references were the silver lining.

Rockstar Games Was Teasing GTA 6 on a Beloved Classic Project

The game developers knew how to promote GTA 6 and did not hold back.
The game developers knew how to promote GTA 6 and did not hold back. Image Credit: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games built a strong reputation within the gaming community. However, the focus of the game developers pitted them between a rock and a hard place. Rather than working on single-player content or expansions, the studio opted to go with the remastered route, and fans hope GTA 6 will break the streak and receive a DLC.

Unfortunately, this plan backfired, and the final product was less than desirable. The remastered versions of classics like GTA 3 were plagued with bugs, glitches, and other problems, making the initial versions nearly unplayable. The ports were patched, and the fans noticed something familiar within the in-game universe that seemed to promote the next major project.

Players were able to spot a billboard that features what seems to be the State of Leonida. The developers also added the tag “See you Soon” which could be a subtle hint at GTA 6.

This got a lot of the commenters on the post really excited, as it shows that Rockstar has been working on this project for a while and is all the more reason to get hyped for the official release of the title.

There was a moment when the game was the biggest thing to exist, and other major gaming studios were confident that this genre was doomed to fail. The game was the best-selling game of 2001 and could have protected its record if it weren’t for its successor: GTA: Vice City.

Some fans thought that Rockstar Games treated these classic games as an easy cash grab and as a marketing strategy to gain more hype and momentum before the release of the next major game.

The Definitive Edition of GTA 3 Took a Bullet for the Entire Company

A still from GTA 3
The remaster of GTA 3 and other beloved classics tarnished the memory of longtime fans. Image Credit: Rockstar Games

The gaming community was looking forward to this remastered collection but was disappointed. Perhaps the developers should have used more resources on these ports and focused on quality over quantity.

While it is nice to see Rockstar Games take the initiative to preserve older games, the studio should have exerted more effort to make these games playable and then added references. These easter eggs are harder to find now that most players are reluctant to explore.

Perhaps the fans were looking for anything positive to say about the game and accidentally stumbled on these billboards. It is a clever marketing strategy that suffers from technical drawbacks.

Despite all these issues, the Definitive Editions did somewhat well. Rockstar Games should focus on landing the bird before the launch window.

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