Helldivers 2’s New Melee Finishers Will Have You Wondering Why Johan Pilestedt Isn’t Talking to the Fan Who Created Them

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Helldivers 2ā€™s New Melee Finishers Will Have You Wondering Why Johan Pilestedt Isnā€™t Talking to the Fan Who Created Them

Imagine this: youā€™re a Helldiver, locked in a fierce 1v1Ā against an Automaton Devastator in Helldivers 2. Just as yourĀ foeā€™s healthĀ bar dwindles toĀ a sliver, you spot an openingā€”a vulnerable spot just above its head.

With a deft maneuver, you pierce your knife into the weak point, resulting in a shower of sparks. TheĀ Devastator shudders and powers down, collapsing in a heap of lifeless metal. Does this sound too good to be true? Not if one talented fan has anythingĀ to say about it!

Enter RedditĀ user u/ADR-299, theĀ mastermind behind aĀ series of jaw-dropping melee finisherĀ animations thatĀ have (deservingly) taken the Helldivers 2 community by storm. TheseĀ custom-made finishers are soĀ impressive that manyĀ are left wondering whyĀ game directorĀ Johan Pilestedt hasnā€™t already reached out to thisĀ skilled animator.

A Labor of Love in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2: Melee Finishers [Big Automatons]

One look at EPG-6ā€™s video (which they crossposted to Reddit as u/ADR-299), reveals that this is no ordinary fan creation. Each finisher is a work of art, meticulously animated to showcase the raw skill and determination of the Helldivers.

Even more melee* finishers
byu/ADR-299 inHelldivers

From the fluid movements of the soldiers to the realistic reactions of the enemies and even the impressive camerawork ā€” every detail is designed to make you feel like youā€™re right there on the battlefield, delivering a satisfying beatdown to those pesky mechanical foes!

The Helldivers 2 community has been quick to shower ADR-299 with praise, and rightfully so:

byu/ADR-299 from discussion

Others noted the impressive realism, particularly in how the animations highlight the Helldiversā€™ willpower over mere physical strength:

byu/ADR-299 from discussion

Some fans have even gone as far as to suggest that ADR-299 should be hired by Arrowhead Game Studios:

byu/ADR-299 from discussion

Honestly, we couldnā€™t agree more. If Johan Pilestedt and the team at Arrowhead arenā€™t already sliding into ADR-299ā€™s DMs, theyā€™re missing out on some serious talent.

The Commitment to Their Craft

A Helldivers 2 screenshot shows two soldiers doing an elaborate handshake.
The trick is to not get lost in the fame. | Image Credit: PlayStation YouTube Channel

Despite the overwhelming praise for their work, ADR-299 remains committed to improving and refining their animations. When a user pointed out a minor inconsistency in one of the finishers, they acknowledged it and provided insight into their creative process:

byu/ADR-299 from discussion

This exchange highlights OPā€™s dedication to their craft and their willingness to learn and grow as an animator. Itā€™s this kind of passion and attention to detail that has undeniably made their work stand out in the community.

Speaking of the Illuminate, ADR-299 has hinted at the possibility of creating finishers for these highly anticipated enemies in the future in a pinned comment on their YouTube video:

Probably the last of this series for now, at least until the Illuminate come out.

With the promise of more epic melee finishers on the horizon, the Helldivers 2 community has a lot to look forward to. And who knows, maybe Johan Pilestedt and the team at Arrowhead will take notice and bring ADR-299ā€™s talents to the game itself. After all, in the fight for freedom, anything is possible ā€” even delivering a satisfying punch to the face of a cyborg.

In the meantime, weā€™ll just have to keep watching ADR-299ā€™s videos on repeat and dreaming of the day when we can execute these glorious finishers in-game. Keep up the incredible work, ADR-299/EPG-6 ā€” the Helldivers 2 community is lucky to have you!

What do you think of ADR-299ā€™s custom melee finishers for Helldivers 2? Which one is your favorite, and what kind of finishers would you like to see them create next? Let us know in the comments below!

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