Republicans Choose Houston for 2028 Convention

by Pelican Press
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The Republican National Committee announced on Friday that it would host its 2028 convention in Houston, an early decision that comes nearly a full year ahead of its nominating convention for the 2024 race.

The decision, first reported by Politico, will bring the Republican political establishment to a liberal-leaning city in a Republican-dominated state where Democrats have long been hoping to make gains.

ā€œWe are looking forward to seeing Houston in the spotlight come 2028,ā€ Ronna McDaniel, the partyā€™s chair, said in a statement.

Republicans will nominate their 2024 standard-bearer next July in Milwaukee, the largest city in a key battleground state. Though President Biden won Wisconsin in 2020, former President Donald J. Trump won it in 2016, and political strategists believe that the convention could help the Republican Party make inroads with voters.

Republicans have a firmer hold on Texas. Though Texas Democrats have long predicted more competitive elections, no Democrat has won a statewide race since 1994, and a Democratic president has not won the state since 1976.

In a statement, Houstonā€™s mayor, Sylvester Turner, a Democrat, said that his city was pleased to have won its bid to host the convention.

ā€œAs the nationā€™s most diverse and inclusive city, we believe Houston represents the future of the United States and our aspirations as a country,ā€ Mr. Turner said. ā€œWeā€™re excited to showcase that identity and Houstonā€™s unsurpassed hospitality.ā€

Democrats will hold their presidential nominating convention next August in Chicago. They have not yet selected a location for 2028.

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