How to Get Macromolecule Biogel in The First Descendant

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How to Get Macromolecule Biogel in The First Descendant

The First Descendant has one prime material everyone needs: the Crystallization Catalyst. You can farm the materials, but some are hard to find. One of the materials you need is the Macromolecule BIogel; you will need a lot of them to craft one Crystallization Catalyst. Here’s how to get Macromolecule Biogel in The First Descendant.

Where to Get Macromolecule Biogel in The First Descendant

You can get Macromolecule Biogels from only two methods:

  • Zone Recon Mission: Derelict Covert: Vulgus Strategic Outpost
  • Zone Recon Mission: Muskeg Swamp: Vulgus Strategic Outpost

You can find these missions in the Echo Swamp region, and the materials can only drop if you finish them on hard mode. These Zone Recon Missions also have a five-minute cooldown before you can repeat the mission, so you can alternate between both to save some time. If you look at the image above, both Zone Recon Missions are quite close to each other. However, they are on different battlefields: Derelict Covert and Muskeg Swamp.

If you want to alternate between both missions, you must use the fast travel waypoints near them to switch from Battlefield to Battlefield. You can also go to the meeting point of the two battlefields and travel from there, but it is slightly slower. You can use fast Descendants like Bunny to save some time as well.

Each Zone Recon Mission will drop 8 or 9 Macromolecule Biogels on average. The material drops from the last boss of the Zone Recon Mission, so you have to loot the final boss to get the resource.

What Are Macromolecule Biogel Used For?

Macromolecule Biogel is surprisingly used for one thing, and one thing only: Crystallization Catalysts. You need 22 Macromolecule Biogels along with 8 Mixed Energy Residues, 8 Murky Energy Residues, and one Crystallization Catalyst Blueprint.

These Crystallization Catalysts are used to reset a Descendant’s level so you can get more module capacity. You’ll repeat this multiple times until you have imprinted all the module sockets with a socket type. If you want to build more than one character, you’ll need several of these Crystallization Catalysts and hundreds of Macromolecule Biogels.

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