How To Make A Book In Minecraft

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How To Make A Book In Minecraft

As you continue to progress in Minecraft, one of your mid-game goals should be to start enchanting your items. This requires an Enchanting Table and Bookshelves, both of which require a simple Book to craft. If you need help making your first Book in Minecraft, check out the guide below.

Making a Book in Minecraft

The recipe for a Book only requires two materials, both of which can be obtained easily in the early-game. You can see the exact recipe for a Book below.

  • One piece of Leather in the middle box of a crafting table
  • Three pieces of Paper horizontally across the bottom row of a crafting table
The recipe for a Book
The recipe for a Book

You can quickly acquire some Leather by killing several different livestock mobs, including cows, horses, donkeys, mules, and more. However, Leather also can be obtained as a junk item from fishing and can be crafted by using four Rabbit Hides. Regardless of how you get the Leather, set it aside and start the process of crafting Paper.

We went over how to make Paper in a separate guide, but the gist of the process is to find and use Sugar Cane. Sugar Cane, a long green stalk, only grows by water, so check your ponds, rivers, and anywhere else with water and you’re sure to find the plant eventually.

With your Paper and Leather, follow the recipe in the crafting table as shown above to make a single Book. If you want to make a Bookshelf, which can be used to decorate a home or to boost enchantments, you need to get three Books as well as six planks and combine them at a crafting table.

The recipe for a Bookshelf
The recipe for a Bookshelf

As for an Enchanting Table, that only requires one book, but two Diamonds and four Obsidian as well. Suffice it to say, you won’t be enchanting gear within the first hour or two of your Minecraft journey. However, you can easily obtain several Books and Bookshelves as long as you know what you’re looking for.

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