Is Anger Foot Playable on the Steam Deck? – Answered

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Is Anger Foot Playable on the Steam Deck? – Answered

Anger Foot is one of our favorite releases of the year, and it’s another excellent action title from Free Lives and Devolver Digital. It’s currently only available on PC and runs quite well with plenty of settings to tweak. Given the number of explosions and wacky physics though, there are frame drops at times. However, does Anger Foot run on the Steam Deck? Here is everything you need to know.

Is Anger Foot Playable on the Steam Deck?

Yes, Anger Foot is playable on the Steam Deck and it’s verified by Valve for the handheld.

Based on our testing, we found that the game ran at nearly 60 FPS on the medium preset at the 1280×800 resolution, but there are some frame drops here and there. These are especially common when you kick down a door, or if there are any explosions.

The drops are consistent with the PC version but are more visible when you’re playing with a 60 FPS frame limit. We recommend using the Deck’s frame rate limiter and setting the max framerate to 50 FPS for a smoother experience.

Either way, we’re very happy with the overall experience on the Deck, and thanks to the game’s proper controller support, you don’t need to input anything or use the trackpads. We didn’t have any trouble with the in-game text and prompts either. There are a few customization options for the crosshair as well, so you can adjust it to your liking.

Does Anger Foot have Steam Cloud Support?

Yes, Anger Foot has Steam Cloud support. This means that you can easily pick up your progress on different devices.

Anger Foot is currently only available on PC, and we hope to see it come out on other platforms down the line. Playing it on the Steam Deck is a blast, and we hope some performance improvement patches are planned down the line.

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