Lunar Lake iGPU benchmarks leaked on Geekbench 6 — comparable performance to Radeon 780M and Arc A380

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Lunar Lake iGPU benchmarks leaked on Geekbench 6 — comparable performance to Radeon 780M and Arc A380

Intel’s Lunar Lake processors aren’t slated to launch until this September, but we’re now seeing trickles of alleged benchmarks appear online. Benchleaks just shared Vulkan test results marked as Intel Core Ultra 7 258V, with the first one getting 31,560 points, followed by a second test after 15 minutes showing 34,181 points.

The tests list the following CPU information: Intel Core Ultra 7 258V 2.2 GHz with eight cores and eight threads. The system used for the tests shows 32GB of RAM with Windows 11 Enterprise OS, and the involved processor could hit a maximum frequency of 4.8 GHz on the Balanced power plan.

The results put the Intel Core Ultra Series 2 in the same neighborhood as AMD’s Radeon 780M found in the Ryzen 7 8700G processor, the entry-level Intel Arc A380, and Nvidia’s GTX 1060. These are the numbers from Geekbench 6 Vulkan tests.

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GPU Average Vulkan Score
Intel Core Ultra 7 258V integrated GPU 32,871 (average)
AMD Radeon 780M 34,051 (average)
Intel Arc A380 34,437 (average)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 36,870 (average)
AMD Radeon RX 6400 39,008 (average)

We can see that Intel’s latest laptop processor is nearly on par with the last-gen Radeon 780M integrated GPU from AMD and is already within spitting distance of the entry-level discrete GPUs from Team Blue, Team Green, and Team Red. This could conceivably allow laptops that run these chips without a discrete GPU to do some light gaming, or it could even drive manufacturers to use Intel’s chips to build handheld consoles.

However, you should note that these are just alleged test results. We cannot verify if these come from valid systems, especially as Intel’s partners are likely contractually bound to stay silent until after these chips officially launch. And even if they come from laptops with the Intel Core Ultra 7 258V, we won’t know if the specs noted in the tests will be the same as on the final retail version. After all, these tests were likely done under lab conditions to test and validate the performance of their engineering samples.

One more thing you should note about synthetic benchmarks is that they do not indicate the real-world performance you will get from a particular system. While they may show ballpark figures versus how these chips compare against other graphics processors, the only way to know how these will perform is after we run them through actual gaming benchmarks and see the FPS they deliver. So, before purchasing (or preceding) these new Intel processors, please wait for the review results and see how they work out.

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