Marvel Rivals Want the Game to Follow Future Fight’s Example in 1 Huge Manner

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Marvel Rivals Want the Game to Follow Future Fight’s Example in 1 Huge Manner

Marvel Rivals is one of the latest entries in superhero games, and fans are already talking about its potential and longevity. One fan recently raised an interesting question, asking if the roster could reach as high of an amount as Marvel: Future Fight with more than 250 Marvel characters.

This sparked a lively discussion among fans. Many shared their thoughts on the future of Marvel Rivals’ character roster, and whether the game should follow in the footsteps of Marvel: Future Fight.

Quality Over Quantity or the Other Way Around?

Screenshot from the game with multiple characters.
The release window for Marvel Rivals is still unconfirmed. Image via NetEase Games.

One of the first responses to the original post came from a user who believed that reaching 250 characters might be a bit of a stretch. They pointed out the time and effort required to create each character’s kit, suggesting that adding 250 characters might not be realistic within the game’s lifespan. 

Even if the game were to be supported for ten years, that would be close to 240 new characters every year, two new characters per month, which just isn’t feasible. They also emphasized the importance of quality over quantity, saying they would rather have fleshed-out and high-quality characters than quickly-produced ones.

Do Yall think the roster will reach Future Fight level like 250+ characters?
byu/Bumpts inmarvelrivals

Another user chimed in, agreeing that a roster of 250 characters might be unlikely but added that Marvel Rivals could still have a substantial roster. This user argued that it’s easier for Marvel Rivals to create new heroes compared to other games like Overwatch because Marvel characters already exist with established designs, backstories, and power sets.

byu/Bumpts from discussion


Overwatch and other similar hero shooters have to create these characters from scratch, and a lot of time and effort goes into their creation and development, along with constant reiterations and fine-tuning. Marvel has an insanely rich history of hundreds of popular characters that could easily fit into this game with far less time and effort needed. 

Marvel Rivals has The Marvel Advantage

Hulk and Iron-Man in Marvel Rivals
The game has a unique mechanic of team-up power moves. Image via NetEase Games.

This built-in fanbase means that when Marvel Rivals announces the addition of a popular character like Wolverine, Deadpool, or Spider-Man to the game, it generates a lot of instant hype and attracts new players. In contrast, when games like Overwatch introduce a new character, they don’t have the same level of immediate recognition or excitement since they’re brand new characters.

These characters have no history or pre-existing fanbase. Marvel: Future Fight, another popular Marvel mobile game, serves as an excellent example of what Marvel Rivals could achieve. Future Fight boasts a roster of over 270 characters, each with unique abilities and costumes.

The game has been successful in keeping players engaged by regularly adding new characters and updates since its launch in 2015. This model of consistent content updates has kept Future Fight relevant and popular among fans for years.

However, replicating this success won’t be without challenges. As the Reddit discussion highlighted, creating new characters and properly balancing them in a PvP shooter or multiplayer game is a time-consuming process, and developers need to ensure each character makes sense and is polished. But the community seems to agree that while a massive roster is appealing.

Should the game focus more on the quantity or quality of their characters? Let us know in the comments.

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