Maxxxine Star Mia Goth Being Sued For Allegedly Kicking An Extra On Set

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Maxxxine Star Mia Goth Being Sued For Allegedly Kicking An Extra On Set

Mia Goth and Ti West, the star and director of A24’s latest film Maxxxine, respectively, are being sued because Goth allegedly kicked background actor James Hunter in the head on purpose while filming.

As detailed by Variety, Hunter was filming a scene requiring him to lie on the floor while Goth ran past him. According to Hunter, on another take, Goth purposely kicked him in the head while running past him, which led to him having a concussion. She then continued to bully him as he went to use the restroom.

While speaking to Dread Central, Hunter shared more of his encounters with Goth. Allegedly, Goth had followed him to a porta-potty that he was using and opened the door while he was inside. Once the door was open, he tried to apologize for not locking it, which prompted Goth to tell him, “Nobody will believe you because you’re nothing. Get the f*ck off my set, you big baby.” Hunter claims to have written what Goth had said shortly after so he could remember her statement word for word.

Since then, Goth, West, and A24 have denied the allegations in a filing. A24 then released a statement saying that Hunter’s claims were false.

“The claims made in the complaint are simply not true. As this is in active litigation, we cannot say more at this time but continue to vigorously defend Mia and the entire filmmaking team against these extremely baseless allegations.”

Hunter’s lawsuit alleges that after the incident, he had felt lightheaded while driving, which caused him to pull over his car twice. Shortly after he was informed that he was let go from the project. The lawsuit against Goth, West, and A24 accuses them of battery and wrongful termination.

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