Metro Awakening Details Revealed, Pre-Orders Open September 2024

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Metro Awakening Details Revealed, Pre-Orders Open September 2024

In a new blog post from PlayStation, Vertigo Games teased new images, plot details, and a pre-order release window for Metro Awakening.

Creative director Martin de Ronde and game director Samar Louwe confirmed that pre-orders for the VR game start in September 2024.

They said Metro Awakening is a “standalone installment in the franchise, set before the events of the original game Metro 2033.” They added that it features “a very, very personal, emotional story for our protagonist.”

Metro-Awakening-Campfire-With-AlliesMetro Awakening Details Revealed, Pre-Orders Open September 2024

Vertigo Games first announced Metro Awakening during PlayStation’s latest State of Play event. This included a brief cinematic and gameplay trailer, though it didn’t reveal much.

Some of the dialogue teased at the “emotional story,” asking the protagonist to “focus your mind on your wife, and step into the void.”

Martin de Ronde and Samar Louwe also mentioned VR features. They said they wanted the VR interactions to be as “immersive and diegetic as possible,” including adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. However, they do reassure fans that gameplay will maintain “stealth-combat dynamic.”

Metro Awakening does not have a release date yet, but Vertigo Games reiterated today that it is due sometime “later this year.” The pre-orders for Metro Awakening do hint at a potential launch window.

The devs built Metro Awakening exclusively for VR. It will be available on PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, and Steam VR in 2024.

Meanwhile, 4A Games stated last February that the next mainline Metro game will only launch when it’s ready.

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