Microsoft Could Stop Pushing Xbox Consoles In Europe

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Microsoft Could Stop Pushing Xbox Consoles In Europe

The marketing plans for Microsoft regarding its Xbox consoles could be changing in a major way. In the latest edition of Tom Warren’s “The Notepad” newsletter, the push to sell Xbox consoles in Europe and other regions could be going the way of the dodo bird.

According to a “tip” Warren received, Microsoft will reportedly stop marketing the Xbox console itself in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Instead, the company will focus solely on Xbox Game Pass, cloud gaming, PC, and Xbox controllers.

“Microsoft has been struggling to sell Xbox Series S / X consoles in many countries across EMEA, and the tipster believes Microsoft will now allocate less console stock to Europe as a result,” he says.

Warren adds that he hasn’t been able to fully verify the information from the tipster, and is still looking for more information.

Overall, the sales of the Xbox Series consoles have been struggling since their release in November 2020. According to the latest sales data, the Xbox Series consoles are 13% behind that of the Xbox One through the same time on the market. They are also being the Xbox 360 over the same time, though no specific gap was given.

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