Now, Get Yourself the ‘Ultimate Space Selfie’

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Now, Get Yourself the ‘Ultimate Space Selfie’

Two UK researchers are sending dozens of family photographs to be clicked on the edge of space in what they call the “ultimate space selfie”.

The former PhD students from Sheffield, Alex Baker and Chris Rose, will send almost anything you want to space – and snap it there.

They have been sending up “payloads” to the edge of space, including a diamond ring, numerous promotional gimmicks, toy cars and newspaper front pages.

They have also sent dozens of family photographs in what they call the “ultimate space selfie”.

Since their first launch in 2011 the two engineers have developed a GPS tracking system to collect their payloads after they land and now charge businesses up to 4,000 pounds to send packages to space and back.

They have even had talks with a funeral home about sending ashes into space, ‘The Independent’ reported.

They also offer a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit for customers to launch their own space balloons for less than 500 pounds.

The tricky part is collecting the payload, which comes down after about three hours. The pair use wind charts and meteorological data to predict the landing. So far, they have only lost one item.

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