Once Human Complete Controls for PC

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Once Human Complete Controls for PC

Once Human is out now on PC, and it currently only has support for keyboard and mouse. Being a part-survival game means there are tons of inputs to keep track of, whether you’re on foot or in a vehicle. If you need a reference for the default scheme, here are the complete Once Human controls for the PC version.

Once Human Complete Controls

Here are the complete controls for Once Human, specifically for the keyboard and mouse, which is the only current input the game supports on PC.

Once Human Standard Controls

Action Input
Forward W
Back S
Left A
Right D
Sprint Shift
Crounch C
Jump Spacebar
Walk F11
Keep Sprinting ~
Vault/Climb Spacebar
Track Task Y
Melee Attacks V
Roll Ctrl
Spacetime Q
Camp T
Gliding Spacebar
Manage Eternaland F7
Logistics F8
Melee Heavy Attack Right-Mouse Button

Once Human Interactions Controls

Action Icon
Summon Motorcycle G
Interact with Target F
Summon Motorcycle

Once Human System Controls

Action Input
Item Backpack I
Gear Backpack K
Cradle O
World Map M
Task L
Journey J
Survival Manual F6
Build B
System Menu Esc
Team U
Chat F1
Shop F2
Events F3
Quick pin Middle Mouse Button
Flashlight N
Functional Wheel Tab
Scoreboard Tab
Expressions Wheel X

Once Human Chat Controls

Action Input
Send Messages Enter
Voice Chat F5

Once Human Hotbar Controls

Action Input
Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
Item 5
Item 6
Item 7
Item 8
Use Items (controller)
Switch selection to the left
Switch selection to the right

Once Human Swimming Controls

Action Input
Float Spacebar
Dive C

Once Human Story Controls

Action Input
Skip Cutscene Esc

Once Human Ladder Controls

Action Input
Climb Up W
Climb Down S
Jump Off Spacebar
Slide Down Shift

Once Human Fishing Controls

Action Input
Change Bait R
Release Left Mouse Button
Aim Left Mouse Button
Exit Esc
Cast Left Mouse Button
Reel Left Mouse Button
Release G
Collect F
Retract Fishing Rod Esc
Cast a Fishing Rod Left Mouse Button
Adjust Direction Left Mouse Button + Left and Right Mouse Movement
Cancel Targeting Right Mouse Button

Once Human Sitting Controls

Action Input
Leave F
Turn left A
Turn right D

Once Human Combat Controls

Action Input
Fire Left Mouse Button
Aim Right Mouse Button
Reload R
Switch to OTS Right Mouse Button
Weapon 1 1
Weapon 2 2
Weapon 3 3
Quick Switch Weapon Mouse Scroll
Holster Weapon H
Switch Camera Caps
Switch to OTS (For Controller)
Deviation Control E
Handling G

Once Human Two-Wheel Vehicle Controls

Action Input
Place Vehicle Left Mosue Button
Seat 1 Alt + 1
Exit Esc
Seat 2 Alt + 2
Handbrake Spacebar
Speed Up W
Speed Down S
Turn Left A
Turn Right D
Get Off F
Horn R
Lean Backward Q
Lean Forward E
Headlight N
Switch Camera Caps
Force Move +
Switch Seat Ctrl
Interact H

Once Human Four-Wheel Vehicle Controls

Action Input
Seat 1 Alt + 1
Seat 2 Alt + 2
Seat 3 Alt + 3
Seat 4 Alt + 4
Seat 5 Alt + 5
Handbrake Spacebar
Speed Up W
Speed Down S
Turn Left A
Turn Right D
Get Off F
Horn R
Headlight N
Force Move +
Switch Camera Caps
Switch Seat Ctrl

Once Human Building Controls

Action Input
Open Build Menu Right-Mouse Button
Confirm Left-Mouse Button
Rotate Mouse Scroll
Relocate F
Adjust Height Alt + Mouse Scroll
Re-orient Mouse Scroll
Demolish R
Remove Wallpaper T
Exit Build Mode Esc
Adjust Alignment Shift + Mouse Scroll
Repair Left-Mouse Button
Attach Wire X
Copy Building Part Middle Mouse Button
Connect Pipe V
Wire/pipe revealing and concealing L
Alignment On/Off U
Turn Off/On Precision Movement O

We hope that the developers add support for controllers down the line. Currently, their plan is to add it in August 2024. For more on Once Human, head to our dedicated section to learn how to unlock your first motorcycle and how invitational events work.

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