Overwatch 2 resurrects Pink Mercy cosmetic for a charity fundraiser

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Overwatch 2 resurrects Pink Mercy cosmetic for a charity fundraiser

Finally, something the whole Overwatch community can get behind! For a limited time in 2018, Blizzard sold the Pink Mercy skin as a fundraiser in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. That was back in the day when Overwatch cosmetics only came in loot boxes, so the chance to directly purchase a skin while supporting a worthy cause was a big deal for the player base. Sales of the legendary look during that drive generated $12.7 million for the BCRF. And later this month, you can be pretty in pink once again.

The original Pink Mercy skin will be available for $14.99 starting June 25. Blizzard is also boosting its charity game with a brand new Rose Gold Mercy bundle for $19.99. For both items, 100% of the purchase price (minus any platform fees and taxes) will go directly to the BCRF. Players can buy these items through the Overwatch 2 in-game shop, or from the digital storefront on their platform of choice, such as the Battle.net shop, Microsoft Store, or PlayStation Store.

The preview Blizzard shows that the Rose Gold Mercy skin has a slightly different color scheme than the original, giving the support hero some rosy hair instead of her signature blonde. It also includes a heroic weapon skin, so that you can apply the pink look for her Caduceus Staff to any Mercy skin. The rest of the bundle includes three name cards, three sprays, and three player icons, all themed — you guessed it! — pink.

The BCRF charity drive will run from June 25 through July 8. It’s a good time to get back into the game, especially since Blizzard has and has made changes .

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