Play Together to collaborate with Sanrio and introduce new My Melody and Kuromi content

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Play Together to collaborate with Sanrio and introduce new My Melody and Kuromi content

  • Play Together is bringing back its Sanrio collab with the appearance of My Melody and Kuromi
  • You can collect coins by completing their themed missions that can then be used to draw exclusive items
  • As a bonus there’s also new summer-themed content and events, including a major bug hunt

Play Together, the social gaming experience from Haegin is set to introduce Sanrio characters once again in their latest update. This time around players can enjoy content themed around the adorable My Melody and devilish Kuromi, as well as the addition of a new summer-themed (and bug-themed) content update.

If you’re not familiar, Sanrio is the company behind numerous mascot characters. Most of these are mostly only well-known in Asia and other countries, but their iconic character is probably familiar to almost everyone; Hello Kitty. Yet My Melody and Kuromi themselves are both equally recognisable to Sanrio fans.

In this new update, you’ll be able to collect themed cosmetics and other collectibles by acquiring Coins from the characters. You’ll do so by helping them out with their delivery service and completing themed missions.

Artwork from the new Summer-themed content update for Play Together

But that’s not all, because aside from the Sanrio collab, this update also adds the new Stag Beetle Hunt and Summer Vacation Memories event. The former coming complete with the addition of 20 species of insect to Play Together.

Hello Sanrio

It’s certainly a beefy update, even putting aside the My Melody and Kuromi content. And the new summer events, which include a photo competition, are sure to give you plenty to do even if you’re not a big Sanrio fan. The new content has been added as of the time of writing this article!

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