PlayStation Plus Concord Offer Does Nothing But Bring Out the Haters

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PlayStation Plus Concord Offer Does Nothing But Bring Out the Haters

Developed by Firewalk Studios, Concord is an upcoming 5v5 hero shooter that seems to be a cross between Guardians of the Galaxy, and Overwatch. The game will take place in the namesake Concord galaxy and revolve around a cast of mercenaries called “Freegunners.”

PlayStation has revealed that Concord’s early access weekend, beginning on July 12, is now accessible for anyone with a PlayStation Plus subscription. While many are hyped, the majority of the community is slamming Sony for not making the beta accessible to all gamers.

Players Slam Sony for Locking Concord Beta Behind Subscription Service

Concord logo
Concord‘s beta will now be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers. (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Sony has revealed that this weekend’s Concord beta, which was previously only accessible if you placed a pre-order for the game, will now be available to all PlayStation Plus members.

As long as players have an active membership for any of the three PS Plus tiers, you’ll be able to download and experience the upcoming PS5 title during its early access weekend.

Naturally, the company still hasn’t divulged how well Concord‘s pre-order numbers are doing. However, the fact that it’s an open invitation to anyone with the subscription service, and not just those who are fully committed to playing the game, suggests they’re not doing well.

The reaction to the game’s first proper trailer during the State of Play received quite a lukewarm response. Although Firewalk is probably hoping that people talk more positively about the title after the weekend beta, players believe they’ve dropped the ball yet again by not opening the beta to the public.

Few gamers think Sony should’ve completely abandoned this project and focused on creating quality games for the PS5 instead.

Since the game’s first reveal, it has often been labeled as an Overwatch clone, and that frustrated many players who hoped that Sony would strive for originality when it comes to their games.

Instead of another boring hero-shooter, a few gamers are desperately waiting for Sony to announce a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC instead.

While it doesn’t look to be the most exciting title, it’s crucial to wait until it actually releases this weekend. There’s a high chance that Firewalk will probably save the best parts of the game for the beta, and that might be exactly what the game needs to be a success.

What’s Coming in the Concord Beta?

Heroes in Concord
The beta includes a lot of content for gamers. (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The early access weekend will begin at 1 PM EST on Friday, July 12, and is supposed to end on Sunday, July 14. If you want to dive into the action early, you can pre-load the game starting from 1 PM EST, July 11.

In the beta, players will be able to choose from all 16 characters, giving everyone a chance to try them all and see what works best for their particular playstyle.

That’s not all! There will be three modes players can take for a spin this weekend: Trophy Hunt, Clash Point, and Cargo Run.

Trophy Hunt is based on eliminating enemies and collecting tokens they drop; Clash Point tasks you to safeguard your zone from a rival team, and Cargo Run gives one team cargo to transport while the other team must steal it.

These exciting modes will take place across four different unique maps: Star Chamber, Freewatrer, Shock Risk, and Water Hazard.

Are you excited to experience Concord? Let us know in the comments what do you think about this hero-shooter.

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