Where the Republican Presidential Candidates Stand on the Issues

by Pelican Press
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As the Republican presidential candidates barrel toward their first debate under the shadow of a front-runner facing dozens of felony charges, policy issues have not exactly taken center stage. But it is those positions that reveal how they would seek to shape American life if voters give them a shot at the White House.

The New York Times examined the candidates’ stances on abortion, China, climate change, economic policy, immigration and the war in Ukraine, as well as the Trump indictments, with their implications for democracy and the federal justice system.

We combed their websites, read news coverage of their campaign events, listened to their speeches and past interviews and examined their records in previously held offices. Each candidate’s campaign was contacted to clarify any ambiguous statements or unclear positions, and to describe how broad goals could be accomplished. Where they declined to answer, we have noted in the text.

This project will be updated if candidates release significant new proposals.

Lisa Friedman and Anjali Huynh contributed reporting.

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