Sodvin launches broadband services with XGS-PON

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Sodvin launches broadband services with XGS-PON

In the latest example of the deployment of broadband in a country where remoteness is absolutely no barrier to the ability to gain access to high-speed communications, Norwegian telecommunications and energy services provider Sodvin AS has embarked on a plan to improve the capacity and reach of its residential broadband services throughout Trøndelag county in Norway.

The stated mission of Sodvin is to contribute to the green shift through the use of technology and renewable energy. It offers services for the private market, corporate market and business operations in areas such as electricity and energy saving, telecoms and internet, TV and streaming, customer systems, cloud, and IT.

As it looks to improve communications in Norway’s midland region, containing the city of Trondheim, the third-most populous municipality in the country, Sodvin has invested in technology from optical networking technology provider Ciena.

Sodvin is using its existing power infrastructure to deploy fibre-optic networks, extending broadband access to residents and businesses in the region. Ciena’s XGS-PON (passive optical network) offering will replace previously deployed GPON technology to deliver services such as internet and multicast television.

XGS-PON provides significantly higher bandwidth compared with GPON, delivering symmetrical speeds of up to 10 Gbps both downstream and upstream for faster and more efficient data transfer. Sodvin is said to have selected Ciena’s offering following what was called an “extensive” proof-of-concept evaluation of multiple suppliers.

The residential broadband network uses key components of Ciena’s PON service, including 5164 Routers, micro optical line terminals XGS-PON uOLTs and 3801 optical network units (ONUs). Ciena’s OLT pluggables are claimed to allow Sodvin to expand deployment rapidly, easily and sustainably, adding capacity only when and where needed in granular increments to match customer demand.

“We were seeking a modern, advanced technology that would provide greater bandwidth, increased flexibility and open APIs for integration with our back-end systems,” said Sodvin network system administrator Torbjørn Lernes. “Ciena’s XGS-PON ticked all the boxes, allowing us to increase network performance and scale for future upgrades while providing an exceptional user experience.”

Virginie Hollebecque, vice-president of Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Ciena, said: “Sodvin’s choice of Ciena’s broadband solution shows their commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, enabling them to deliver higher-speed services with unmatched flexibility and scalability to unlock new possibilities for their customers while reducing environmental impacts. We are delighted to count Sodvin as a customer, who supports the transition to a greener future through the use of sustainable technology.”

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