Starfield is Now Being Accused of Something Even XDefiant has Fixed

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Starfield is Now Being Accused of Something Even XDefiant has Fixed

After Bethesda’s acquisition by Microsoft, Starfield was one of the biggest releases planned for Xbox. However, once the game was available, many saw that the result was not exactly living up to the hype.

Despite Bethesda releasing several patches, the criticism continues to grow, and the latest one is an issue that has been prevalent since the title’s launch. This is an issue, especially when new titles such as XDefiant have already fixed this problem.

Leveling in Starfield Can Feel Like Falling Into a Black Hole

A ship in Starfield warping through space.
If only leveling up in Starfield worked like space travel in the future. | Image Credits: Bethesda

A core aspect of any game is progression. Whether it’s advancing to the next level, unlocking a new region on the map, or simply improving your character’s stats by leveling up. Character progression in each game is handled differently, but developers need to strike a balance between making it feel rewarding without it becoming too much of a grind.

Anybody else think that you level up a bit too slowly?
byu/T1_Diabadarse inStarfield

Unfortunately, this seems to be something the Starfield developers have not taken into account when creating their progression system. Even after ten months, people who play the game are stating they feel leveling up takes too much time. Redditor T1_Diabadarse began a new playthrough and decided to ask the forum if they too were facing the same issue.

They claim that out of all the RPGs they have played so far, the game seems to have the slowest leveling system. Despite engaging in many mechanics that should constitute progressing skills, such as stealth and lockpicking, they were not given any progress, which they found frustrating. Replies to the post state that the leveling gets slow in the upper tiers.

byu/T1_Diabadarse from discussion

This was an issue faced by XDefiant players as well, who stated the game felt like a grind to unlock even the most basic bonuses. Ubisoft has since fixed the progression scaling, making it quicker to unlock their desired weapons and skins. If a new game can listen to fan feedback and implement the necessary changes so quickly, one must wonder why Bethesda has not been able to.

Fans Continue to Criticize Starfield Despite New Content Launching Soon

The character standing in front of a structure in Starfield.
It’s beautiful, but also lackluster at the same time. | Credits: Bethesda

It seems even promising a new story-focused DLC is not enough to turn the tide of negative sentiments against the game. Shattered Space, the Starfield expansion announced during the recent Xbox Showcase, is set to launch in a few months, but fans are still demanding the base game be tuned appropriately.

The game is also being compared to previous Bethesda titles, such as Skyrim. An important distinction many have pointed out is that Skyrim‘s NPCs and environments were dynamic and reactive. Aiming a bow at an NPC would trigger a new animation, such as them cowering in fear or threatening to engage in combat.

Starfield lacks this attention to detail, with both NPCs and environments not reacting to any stimulus outside of those scripted in the game. Given that the game comes 12 years after Skyrim, people are calling this type of level design lazy.

What are your thoughts on Starfield’s progression system? Let us know in the comments below!

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