Stellar Blade has Barely Released and the Call for More is Loud and Clear

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Stellar Blade has Barely Released and the Call for More is Loud and Clear

If players received a nickel for every time a PlayStation exclusive made headlines this year, they would have two nickels, which is not much, but it is weird and exciting that it happened twice.

Just like Helldivers 2, the other exclusive, Stellar Blade, is barely a few months old and has managed to gather a large following behind it, with fans already demanding sequels from the creators of the game, Shift Up.

Stellar Blade on PS5 – A Phenomenal Exclusive From Sony

Released in April, Stellar Blade has been breaking many records for a title so young, keeping fans hooked and asking for more. The unique mechanics, the absence of microtransactions, and every kind of sword-fighting technique one can think of being present make buying the game worthwhile.

These are also the reasons why fans are now looking forward to more installments in the franchise, despite there being no official tease or announcement of such by the studio.

Damn, this game deserves at least two more sequels
byu/realeyes_92 instellarblade

The user essentially reveals how he found the game to be a perfect mix of elements from several other titles he has played before, making it hooking and deserving of ‘at least two more’ sequels, a statement other users in the comments couldn’t have agreed more with.

byu/realeyes_92 from discussion

Another user even revealed that despite being pro-digital, Stellar Blade made them go out and get a physical copy of the game from one of the vendors, further stating that they are about to begin the fourth game run soon.

byu/realeyes_92 from discussion

As testified by this post and its respective comments, the PlayStation-exclusive title has met more than expectations for many, with everybody now patiently waiting on the edge of their seats for another installment in the franchise soon.

How Shift Up Has Already Laid the Perfect Groundwork For A Stellar Blade Sequel

A promotional gameplay still of Stellar Blade.
The creators of Stellar Blade have set the perfect stage for the game’s sequel | Image Credit: Shift Up

It would truly be a tragedy if the franchise ended up following the path of Bloodborne, which would essentially mean no new installment in the series along with Stellar Blade PC just staying a life-long dream.

Fortunately, that does not seem to be the case for now, as with the base game, Shift Up has laid the foundation for another release to fit perfectly with its predecessor, starting with how there is an unused enemy that every single player wants to fight.

Likewise, fans are also awaiting a DLC for the game, which can potentially provide much-needed context and backstory for a lot of characters in the main storyline, including Raven.

Are you also excited about any announcements regarding Stellar Blade’s sequel? Make sure to let us know about it in the comments below!

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