Street Racer Whines For His Mommy And Daddy

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Street Racer Whines For His Mommy And Daddy

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Street Racer Whines For His Mommy And Daddy

Street Racer Whines For His Mommy And Daddy

We’re not quite sure if doing donuts in a parking lot constitutes street racing per se, but many police departments classify it that way. That’s exactly what cops in Atlanta found a handful of muscle cars doing recently as they came in to bust the miscreants. While most of the drivers realized they were caught, one in a maroon Dodge Charger decided to run anyway.

Drunk road rager pins herself in her car door.

With so many cops swarming the area, the guy didn’t stand much of a chance, but he still went for it. As he burned rubber trying to escape, one of the officers threw a Stop Stick in front of the Mopar, successfully liberating air from at least one of the tires.

Yet the kid kept fighting forward. He did finally escape the parking lot but only made it a mile and a half down the road before realizing he had a flat. As police pulled up to where he parked at a gas station, the kid looked just dejected.

Life sure is tough and it’s even worse when you think you’re above the law and find out you’re not.

Faced with the consequences of his actions, this wanna-be street racer did what so many do, even some hardened criminals, and whined. It’s funny how the handcuffs turn grown men into crybabies, almost like they’re not used to accountability or something.

This kid is 17, so he probably thought the police would call his parents and turn him over to their custody. But he got a nice shock when he whined for his mommy and daddy only to be told he couldn’t call them right away.

Instead, he got a nice trip and stay at the Fulton County Jail, learning what happens in the real world when you break the law. It’s tough growing up and realizing the world won’t tolerate your behavior.

Image via City of Atlanta Police Department/Facebook

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