The Medium dev, Bloober Team, might be behind Emio

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The Medium dev, Bloober Team, might be behind Emio

Earlier this week, Nintendo teased an uncharacteristically dark game, dubbed Emio, heading to the Nintendo Switch. Just like Nintendo’s normal games, it’s not clear what dev is behind the mysterious game, but fans speculate it could be Bloober Team.

In a recent interview by Polish publication Strefa Inwestorow (via Eurogamer) with Bloober boss Piotr Babieno, a mysterious project known as Project M was discussed, this specific one was poised to release on Nintendo platforms. The idea isn’t that hard to believe.

Bloober’s specialty is horror games and it’s pretty clear Emio is no Mario. We can also kinda cue in on just how far out the game is considering Babieno notes Nintendo platforms, as in more than one. It’s possible the Japanese console maker’s eyeing a more double-sided identity for its next piece of hardware, with a focus of course on a general audience games, but also throwing a couple more M rated games in the mix than the Switch, but is of course not wanting to abandon the hybrid system just yet as it’s still a strong seller.

The Bloober boss notes that Project M is gonna be revealed later this year, which also falls potentially in line with the next Nintendo system, which is gonna be revealed within the fiscal year.

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