The Next Intel CPUs Have Been Confirmed

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The Next Intel CPUs Have Been Confirmed

Intel’s next lineup of CPUs has been confirmed thanks to an update from CPU-Z. Launching later this year — current rumors range from October to December — Intel will be releasing its Arrow Lake-S lineup of processors.

Based on the CPU-Z update, there will be at least six new SKUs coming. All of them will also feature the new naming convention from Intel for its CPUs.

There will be two SKUs in each CPU tier with the new lineup: Intel Core Ultra 9 285K and 275, Core Ultra 7 265K and 255, and Core Ultra 5 245K and 240. There will be no Core 3 processors with the new lineup.

While we know the CPUs are officially Arrow Lake, what we don’t know are the exact specifics of the new chips. According to rumors, the Core Ultra 9 285K and 275 are expected to have 24 cores and 24 threads. The Ultra 7 CPUs will feature 20/20 while the Ultra 5 245K will have 14c/10t and the 240 will have 10c/10t.

Intel is expected to fully reveal its next lineup of CPUs in the coming months. That will give everyone their first look and the new generation from the blue team.

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