The PT History Lesson Vol. 8 – Tamagotchi spin-off games

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The PT History Lesson Vol. 8 – Tamagotchi spin-off games

Sfronzols is a cute & fun Tamagotchi app to care for your colorful little character and be joyous with them. You’re responsible for playing with them, feeding, bathing, giving them rest and overall happiness. Explore the Sfronzols world in this review.

Sfronzols… try saying that three times fast! It’s a Tamagotchi app to keep a small cuddly character in good spirits. Tasks are pretty simple and you swipe through the screen to get to each activity. You’re responsible for feeding, bathing, putting to bed to restore energy and playing games with them. There are mini games cleverly embedded with many of the developer’s other apps; such as Sfronz The Mole, Flappy Fly, Lights OFF or prompts to download other apps. Completing these tasks earns you coins to keep your little character happy. With these coins you can go to the town and replenish stock like food, medicine, or buy clothes and items to customize, etc. If there’s a bit of neglect going on, you’ll receive notifications throughout the day. There are other things you can do to stay entertained like taking selfies with the Sfronzol!

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