Tim Scott, Republican Presidential Candidate, on the Issues

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On the Issues
Headshot of Tim Scott

Tim Scott

Senator from South Carolina

He supports a 15-week national ban, and has left the door open to something stricter.

After some initial waffling, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina confirmed in April that he supported a federal ban on abortion after 15 weeks’ gestation — and suggested that he would support an even stricter ban if Congress could pass one.

He acknowledges climate change but rejects most efforts to stop it.

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina has acknowledged that climate change is occurring, once telling The Post and Courier, his home-state newspaper: “There is no doubt that man is having an impact on our environment. There is no doubt about that. I am not living under a rock.”

He supports military aid and says Biden hasn’t done enough, but hasn’t said what he would do differently.

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina told NBC News that Mr. Biden had “done a terrible job explaining and articulating to the American people” what the United States’ interests are there, an argument former Vice President Mike Pence has also made.

He is largely aligned with the bulk of the field and supports most of Trump’s policies.

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina introduced legislation alongside other Republican senators to withhold funding from sanctuary cities and to redirect funding that Democrats had allocated for new I.R.S. agents to border security instead. Neither bill is viable in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

He calls the allegations serious but still says the charges are an anti-Republican “hunt.”

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina called the New York indictment a “travesty” and said the district attorney had “weaponized the law against political enemies,” an argument he repeated in almost identical words regarding the federal and Georgia election indictments.

He proposes to beat China economically through deregulation.

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina has said that the United States is in “a new cold war” with China and, in an ad in July, called China “the biggest threat to America’s security.”

He has called for reducing spending and regulations, but hasn’t given many specifics.

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We have to turn the spigot off and stop spending money we

don’t have,

trying to impress people that are not impressed anywhere

in the world.

If we cut taxes back to where they

were just a few years ago, we can put $4,000 back

in the pockets like we did just a few years ago so

that you get to make your decisions on how

to support your household, and not expect the government

to figure it out for you.

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