Wholesome Helldivers 2 Bug Creates an Automaton Best Friend for 1 Diver

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Wholesome Helldivers 2 Bug Creates an Automaton Best Friend for 1 Diver

Some Helldivers 2 players have reported that they have come across an immortal Automaton unit that seems to be friendly. The community has been joking that it will count as treason if players choose to ignore this unit. This seems to be a bug in the game that hasn’t been fixed for quite some time.

Some conspiracy theories are already cooking up on Reddit that claim that this mysterious bot once again proves that Super Earth may be the evil side. In the past, we’ve even seen various theories that accuse Super Earth of using Automatons and Terminids for their own good.

Helldivers 2 Player Found An Immortal But Friendly Automaton Unit

Image of an Automaton Trooper from Helldivers 2.
Many players have found this friendly Automaton Trooper in Helldivers 2. Image via: Arrowhead Game Studios

In a viral post on the r/Helldivers2 subreddit, a player has claimed that they came across an immortal Automaton Trooper, but the immortal part isn’t the strangest thing about this bot. The player claimed that the bot was friendly and the community believes that to spare this bot counts as treason.

Immortal and friendly bot. has anyone else encountered this and is it treason to let it go if it cant be killed or harmed?
byu/No_Twist_3241 inHelldivers

Many players confirmed that they have also come across this bot in Helldivers 2 which seems to be a bug.

However, if you do some digging, one can find that the first mention of this bot on social media was back in February, so why has Arrowhead not fixed this bug?

Is Super Earth Lying To Its Citizens?

Image from Helldivers 2 of a solider moving towards an explosion.
Many theories claim that Super Earth is actually the evil side. Image via: Arrowhead Game Studios

Some players believe that this friendly Automaton is much more than a bug as it could be a hint that players have been fighting for the wrong side all along. There is a Helldivers 2 theory that suggests that Automatons mine raw materials to create pure metal, and then Helldivers are then sent in to kill them and gather those resources.

In case you’ve missed it: Johan Pilestedt, former CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios, has confirmed in the past that initially, Helldivers 2 was planned to be “a co-op action shooter where players are put in the shoes of the ‘evil side’ grunts of pop culture.

This statement seemingly confirms that Helldivers are just pawns and are getting used by Super Earth to eradicate Automatons and Terminids.

This completely changes the perspective as Automatons and Terminids are just trying to take back their land from Super Earth. Some believe that this mysterious bot is one of the ways Automatons are trying to ask for help.

In case you’re wondering why Illuminate is coming for Super Earth then there is another theory that suggests that the faction will declare war againstit because they see themselves as the peacekeepers of the galaxy. As per this theory, the Illuminate is coming to save Automatons and Terminids from Super Earth.

Do you believe that this friendly bot is trying to convey a message? Or is it just a bug that Arrowhead failed to fix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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