Wimbledon’s Esports Tennis Tournament Has a Gold-Plated PS5 as a Prize

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Wimbledon’s Esports Tennis Tournament Has a Gold-Plated PS5 as a Prize

The Wimbledon Championships, which is traditionally known as simply ‘Wimbledon’, is live now and wrapping up this weekend. It’s one of the most iconic sporting competitions in the world, boasting a history that stretches back almost 150 years. Recently, it was revealed that the age-old event is taking a step into the digital age, with the team at Wimbledon promoting and hosting a full-fledged esports tournament focused on tennis.

One of the unique prizes up for grabs is a gold-plated, one-of-a-kind PlayStation 5 console, with the winner’s name being ‘etched onto it by Wimbledon’s official engraver.’

The Digital Age Emerges

The ‘Wimbledon eChamps’ is a brand-new concept and a rarely-seen sight in the world of esports. It’s almost unheard of that a tennis game would feature as an exciting esports title, and typically, sports-focused games don’t do that well in general – but there’s plenty of hype around the Wimbledon eChamps.

It kicked off on July 6, with challengers being welcomed from Europe and North America. It all begins with the open qualifiers, after which a regional leaderboard will be established. then, the top sixteen players on each leaderboard compete for the final spots in the contest. It all comes down to the ‘Wimbledon eChamps Finals Event’, an in-person showdown at Wimbledon in London. This will play host to two players from each region – but only one can walk away with the grand prize.

It’s being played on TopSpin 2K25, the newest tennis game on the market and a sumptuous feast of visuals and authentic physics for fans of the sport to lap up. As it’s being backed by BLAST, one of the leading esports event organisers in the world, there’s no doubting the chops that this tournament has.

On September 12, the in-person finals will be held, and the champion will be crowned, walking away with a unique gold-plated PS5, amongst other things.

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